We use special induction ovens which heat up the used metal bars to over 900 degrees Celsius in a couple of minutes. The usual heating process in a walking beam furnace takes much longer. Therefore we can produce more springs in less time. This technique also makes our production more flexible because we are able to change from one wire diameter to another very quickly.
The mechanical treatment of the spring end that we call “drehen” is patented by the FWG - IHW techn. Federn GmbH. We are the only company applying this technique which keeps the deviations of the spring from the specifications of the customer at a minimum.

Around the clock our 40 employees at the production plant in Grevenbroich, with a production area of over 1300 square meters, manufacture technical springs for every industrial application.

Besides the usual production steps of manufacturing technical springs, the FWG -IHW techn. Federn GmbH stands out by  applying special techniques for heating up the raw material and for the mechanical treatment of the spring end.
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