The AOT Oberflächentechnik has already been part of the FWG-IHW family but we are happy to announce that it is now completely
integrated into the structure of the FWG-IHW techn. Federn GmbH. The surface coating facility located in Schwelm will from now on
serve its customers under the label of the FWG-IHW techn. Federn GmbH.
12/01/2012 | Aquisition of AOT Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
We are happy to announce that from 05/01/2013 the FWG-IHW techn. Federn GmbH is represented in the USA by its subsidiary the FWG Special Springs Inc. Our office is located in the Innovation Lab in Johnson City, TN. We welcome Mr. Andrew Graves as new member of our team in the USA.
05/01/2013 | Founding of our american subsidiary
The Industry of valve technology meets in Duesseldorf and as a leading supplier of springs for all kinds of valves the FWG-IHW techn. Federn GmbH can not miss this event. Especially since it takes place right "in front of our door". We want to thank everyone who visited our booth and we hope to see you in 2016 at the next Valve World.
12/05/2014 | Valve World Duesseldorf
5 successful days at the Achema lay behind us. Frankfurt was amazing as always. Many interesting conversations were held and new contacts were established. We are looking forward to get to now our new partners in the next weeks.
We want to thank all of our visitors and are happily looking forward to the next Achema in 2018.
06/20/2015 | Achema 2015
09/01/2015 | Purchase of business premises in Johnson City
From the 09/01/2015 you find the FWG Special Springs Inc. in its new officebuilding in Johnson City, TN. The relocation became
necessary to establish our new warehouse. Our new adress is:

FWG Specials Springs Inc.
604 Rolling Hills Drive
Johnson City, TN 37604
2016 | New investments
In 2016 the FWG Special Spings Inc. is going to invest into a new production site and warehouse in Johnson City, Tennessee to get ready for the challanges of the american market. We are establishing a completely new and advanced production site to serve our american customers.
07/01/2012 | Manufacturing of springs with induction heating
From this year on the FWG-IHW techn. Federn GmbH is able to heat up and manufacture springs with a wire diameter up to 54 mm
Through induction heating the metal bar is heated up to 900 degrees celsius in just a couple of minutes and then coiled to a spring.

If you have questions about our production feel free to contact us.
We are happy to give you more information about our unique production process at the next industry trade fair.
11/01/2011 | Innovation by FWG-IHW techn. Federn GmbH gets patented
The FWG-IHW techn. Federn GmbH wants to establish itself as an innovative, expanding company, always improving its processes and production techniques. We have now developed and patented a new process for the mechanical treatment of the spring end that we call "Drehen". We are now able to manufacture springs with a tilting (e1 and e2) that is almost zero mm.

Feel free to contact us for more information.
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