Quality Management

At FWG Special Springs Inc. we lay high emphasis on quality and quality assurance. There are high requirements on the quality of
our products by industry standards and by our customers. Therefore we employ special personnel at our department of quality
assurance and quality management who monitor every step of the production. Additionally there are special quality audits every
We use the latest in measurement- and information technology to make sure that all production processes are in compliance with
our quality requirements according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 and KTA-1401. As a result we are able to rule out almost any production

Our department of quality management is in close contact to the customer throughout the whole production process. The FWG
Special Springs Inc. is your competent partner and our employees are always available for any questions regarding quality
assurance. To meet the customers quality requirements is our highest aim, so feel free to ask for a customer audit.

The department of quality assurance is responsible for imparting our quality requirements to every employee. A detailed audit
schedule and the consistent implementation of our quality guidelines make sure that every employee is always up to date about the
requirements they have to meet.

We are in close contact to all of our suppliers. Strict guidelines and careful selection of our suppliers make sure that the high quality
requirements we have on our raw materials are met.

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